Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and with it comes the ensuing craziness (and let’s be honest, Drama!) of the holiday season. My husband’s family tends to be pretty “Brady Bunch” – calm, cool, collected. Mine on the other hand…oh boy, you better hold on tight. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride. 

My husband and I always host Thanksgiving at our house. It’s not just the madness of hosting ONE side of the family. Oh no. We host them BOTH at the SAME TIME. That just might be the definition of insanity right there. Our families are polar opposites and it’s sometimes like trying to force oil and vinegar to mix. Clearly, his family is the oil and mine is the vinegar. Side note: we tried to mix families for Christmas one year… Never again. EVER. But somehow everyone seems to make it out alive on Thanksgiving.

I am somewhat affirmed when I hear stories from other people about their family holidays. I know, this is selfish, but it’s nice to know I’m not crazy or alone. Sorry. It seems we all have that aunt, grandma or mother-in-law that you just can’t do right by, no matter how hard you try. The turkey is too dry, the mashed potatoes are too lumpy (or not lumpy enough), you burned the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes or the pie crust is soggy. And then there’s that uncle, brother or father-in-law that drinks too much beer and shouts profanities during the football game as if he’s standing on the sidelines coaching. He has no regard for the fact that a flock of children are within ear shot. A month later little Johnny starts dropping the F-bomb left and right at daycare and you get a phone call. 

I’m here to tell you it will all be ok. Really, I promise, because I have a secret for you. 

Let me introduce you to my little friend, the lime and cranberry champagne cocktail. Yes, that’s right, I said champagne. Yes, the first part sounds good, but CHAMPAGNE, people!

And it’s ok to start drinking it right away in the morning. You have my permission. 


Project Real Mom: Meet my little friends: lime, cranberry and champagne.

Project Real Mom: Meet my little friends: lime, cranberry and champagne.

If you’re the one hosting, this concoction is best served within 60 seconds of guests walking through the door. Trust me, I’ve already done the research for you on timing. Oh, and your first one should be almost gone before the first guest arrives. Give ’em a hug and welcome them with this heavenly (tension-reducing) treat. I mean really, it’s not like it’s whiskey. Have you ever heard of anyone getting “mean” from champagne?! It’s like a happy pill in a glass.

If you’re not hosting, wouldn’t this make a great hostess gift!?! And you even get to benefit from it! You only need 4 ingredients. A quick run to the store and you’re set! Here’s what you need on your shopping list:

  • cranberry juice or sparkling cranberry juice
  • champagne (the cheap brands are perfect for this)
  • lime
  • fresh cranberries

Mix equal parts champagne and cranberry juice. Lightly squeeze a slice of lime into the glass and drop it in. Add a few fresh cranberries for some flair and little ice if that suits your fancy. Drink. Repeat. 

Here’s to another round of old family traditions and new “you’ll never believe what happened” stories to share with your friends! When the going gets tough, and I know it will, I’ll muddle through it all with a smile on my face (well, and a cocktail in my hand).

So come on, mommas. You can do this. Cheers!


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