My kids go to a school that requires all treats and food that are brought into the classroom to share with other students must be store-bought. I understand the reasoning behind this but it requires some extra creative thinking on my part! For Halloween my kids wanted to bring a treat for their classmates. This was a project I used to do with my mom as a young kid and I thought it would be the perfect balance between creativity and a store-bought item.


Ghost Sucker Supplies


  • Any kind of wrapped, round sucker (We used Tootsie Roll suckers)
  • Kleenex or white fabric cut into 6″ x 6″ squares
  • Halloween-colored ribbon or string
  • Black permanent marker

You can use kleenex for the “ghost” part of the sucker but we opted for cutting up squares of white fabric. I found the fabric at the craft store on sale and it was the end of the roll so it was super cheap! Plus, I think the fabric stands up better to the “wear and tear” of the kids carrying them to school in their backpacks.


ghost suckers


Place the sucker in the middle of the fabric and fold over the top of the sucker. Tie Halloween-colored ribbon around the base of the sucker to hold the fabric on. Use a black marker to draw the eyes and mouth on the fabric. Voila! You’re done! And it’s a project the kids can easily do themselves! Happy Trick-or-Treating!


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