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Kick off the Holidays with a Hot Toddy!

Project Real Mom: A Christmas Tradition - hot Tom and Jerry's!
Are you still on a turkey hangover? I know I am! The end of Thanksgiving marks the transition from fall to winter for me. Once the turkey feast is over, I’m ready to put away my orange and brown decorations and haul out the red and green. Our house makes an amazing transformation on Black Friday. […]

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The “Happy Pill” of Holiday Cocktails (and Survival)

Project Real Mom: Meet my little friends: lime, cranberry and champagne.
Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and with it comes the ensuing craziness (and let’s be honest, Drama!) of the holiday season. My husband’s family tends to be pretty “Brady Bunch” – calm, cool, collected. Mine on the other hand…oh boy, you better hold on tight. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.  My husband and I always […]

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To Spike or Not to Spike: Caramel Apple Cider

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is out and the air is brisk. That’s what we Minnesotans call a perfect day…at least in October. My husband and I decided to take advantage of what we thought was going to be a great Fall day. We hunted down a babysitter and made a tee time. Life was […]

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