Each year my kiddos want to give a gift to their classmates before they depart for the Christmas break. With two kids in school, and A LOT of kids in their classrooms, that can get to be pretty expensive! We also have the added complication in our school district that students are not allowed to bring homemade items. I get it, but Ugh! I could whip up a batch of cookies for super cheap! 

Knock, knock…enter Candy Cane Hot Chocolate! It’s inexpensive, it meets the “store-bought” requirement, it’s SUPER CUTE and the kids love ’em! The other nice thing about this little project is that your kiddos can assemble these themselves! 


  • individual packets of hot chocolate
  • mini candy canes
  • bag of mini marshmallows
  • ziploc sandwich bags
  • card stock, craft paper, etc.
Project Real Mom: Candy Cane Hot Chocolate makes a great gift for classmates!

Project Real Mom: Candy Cane Hot Chocolate makes a great gift for classmates!

I printed out the wording on card stock, cut it out and glued it to a decorative piece of craft paper. A green Sharpie was used to make the dashed lines. I used a snowflake paper punch and glued the snowflakes onto the card stock for a little bit of flair!

Add one packet of hot chocolate, one candy cane and a handful of mini marshmallows to a ziplock bag. Seal up the bag and staple the label to the top of the bag. And you’re done! 

Here’s the free printable if you want to download it: Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Template

Happy Gifting and Happy Holidays!


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