Simplify Your Life…Save Time and Money

Have you ever wished someone would give you a complete plan for your day, your week, your life? We did too! As real moms, we’ve spent countless hours (years, really) brainstorming ideas to make YOUR life easier!

Your weekly Project Real Mom Plan includes everything listed below! View a sample of the weekly Project Real Mom Plan.

Healthy Meal Plan

Make smarter food choices with the Project Real Mom meal plan. We’ll provide you with 5 dinner menus for the week. Plus, you’ll save time in the kitchen during the week because you already know what to make and you have your ingredients on hand!

Kid-Friendly School Lunch Plan

Are your kids getting tired of eating sandwiches every day for lunch? The Project Real Mom school lunch plan helps shake things up in the lunch box! We know it takes time and effort to come up with new ideas so that school lunch stays tasty, healthy and exciting…so we’ve taken all the work off your plate!

Grocery Shopping List

Avoid impulse purchases at the grocery store with a weekly shopping list already planned out for you. You’ll use what you buy when you follow the Project Real Mom Plan; no more food spoiling before you have a chance to use it! Your shopping trips will be shorter too because you have a game plan for getting through the grocery store.

House Cleaning Plan

We break up the job of housekeeping into a manageable to-do list by spreading out tasks into a quick, daily list. Feel a sense of accomplishment every day AND stay on top of the never-ending job of cleaning!

Organizational Tasks

The Project Real Mom Plan helps you tackle those “unsightly” areas in your home too! You know the ones, we all have ’em…the closet that you warn your guests not to open or the monster of a mess hiding under your kid’s bed!

Crafts and Activities

Spend quality time making memories with your family while doing fun crafts and activities! We’ll provide you with fun ways to spend time with your kids and we promise, they’re kid approved!

All for as low as $9 a month!

Trust us…the Project Real Mom Plan works!  We use this plan in our own homes every week! Follow some or all of the plan, it’s your choice!

Sample Plan

View a sample of the weekly Project Real Mom Plan.