Winter just WILL. NOT. END. here in Minnesota! It’s been ridiculously cold all winter long. The kids are going stir crazy, mama is going stir crazy! I’m pretty sure the kids have been sledding down the hill in our backyard at least 10,000 times this winter and it’s pretty much lost it’s appeal now. In an effort to reduce some of our cabin fever and make winter fun again, we came up with a few creative ideas!

I think the kids have built 100 snowmen this winter so we decided to build “snow sculptures” instead. We brainstormed ideas and settled on a shark. We mounded up the snow in a big pile and then packed it all together until we had the rough shape of the shark’s head coming up out of the snow bank. This was our first attempt at snow sculptures and we were pretty satisfied with our efforts!


On one of the MANY “snow days” (that’s a cancelled school day due to extreme weather conditions for those of you lucky enough to be in warmer climates!) we had this year, the kids built a HUGE snowman! It was pretty awesome watching them come up with innovative ways of putting together this larger-than-life snowman. I found some containers in the recycling bin and mixed up some “snow paint”. I’ve seen this “snow paint” in some of the big box stores now and it sells for $25!! That’s crazy! It’s just water and food coloring! The kids were in heaven with this little concoction! You’ll provide HOURS of fun and entertainment for just a couple cents!

Snow Paint Recipe:

  • Plastic water bottle(s) or similar container – one bottle per color
  • 1-2 cups water
  • 10 drops of food coloring

Fill water bottle with water. Add 10 drops of food coloring (or color to your liking). Replace cap and shake. Voila! Your kids are ready to paint the snow! The food coloring won’t harm the grass or plants, but it’s a good idea not to let the kids use it on your driveway, etc.




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