Getting kids to read on their “own time” can often be a challenge. In my house, I have one child who LOVES to read and one child who thinks I’m trying to break his arm when I ask him to pick out a book. The latter child tends to be a little on the dramatic side…can you tell?!? In an effort to make reading more fun, we’ve come up with 58 ways to encourage children to get lost in a book. 

Reading out loud to your child when they’re young is an extremely important building block for early brain development and builds key language and social skills. As children learn to read it’s still important for them to hear you reading out loud to them. Parents play a critical role in teaching and encouraging children to read. Spend time reading out loud to your child, reading together and encouraging them to read on their own as their skills increase using our list of creative ideas.

Project Real Mom: 58 Ways to Make Reading More Fun.

  1. Read under a tree
  2. Read in your room
  3. Read after dinner
  4. Read on a Monday
  5. Read standing up
  6. Read before breakfast
  7. Read to a boy
  8. Read on a Tuesday
  9. Read in the bathtub
  10. Read to a person over the age of 60
  11. Read on a Wednesday
  12. Read in the car
  13. Read in your pajamas
  14. Read while eating a snack
  15. Read on a Thursday
  16. Read to a girl
  17. Read at noon
  18. Read on the sidewalk
  19. Read on a Friday
  20. Read to a stuffed animal
  21. Read with a hat on
  22. Read before lunch
  23. Read on the carpet
  24. Read on a Saturday
  25. Read to a relative
  26. Read to a friend that is shorter than you
  27. Read while plugging your nose
  28. Read with the television off
  29. Read on a Sunday
  30. Read with a flashlight
  31. Read with your mom
  32. Read while drinking milk
  33. Read under a blanket
  34. Read out loud to your family
  35. Read while sitting on the floor
  36. Read to a pet
  37. Read in your favorite chair
  38. Read in the grass
  39. Read on a pillow
  40. Read while wearing boots
  41. Read in your bed
  42. Read on a holiday
  43. Read in the living room
  44. Read at 4 o’clock
  45. Read behind the couch
  46. Read by the lake
  47. Read with a singing voice
  48. Read with sunglasses on
  49. Read at the park
  50. Read while drinking water
  51. Read with your dad
  52. Read upside down
  53. Read in a fort
  54. Read to a person younger than you
  55. Read under an umbrella
  56. Read at the beach
  57. Read in your swim suit
  58. Read any way you would like

Print out this list and your kids can start checking off all the cool places and ways they read! Happy reading!


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